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Layered symbolism that expresses the age-old tale of freedom vs wealth.

     A caged Canary was used in the coal mines to warning the miners of toxic gases. When the canary stop singing it was because of its death. This would let the miners know that they immediately had to leave the mines or they would soon have the same faith as the canary.

    The gilded cage has been a long-used symbol of what appears to be a life of luxury but where there is no freedom. Celebrities and Royals are often subjected to this kind of life.

     Wrens are known as symbols of rebirth, action, protection and joy. The Celts viewed the wren as a free spirted clever bird. Even though they are small and fragile, they use their wits to keep themselves out of trouble.  

The Gilded Cage

  • This is an original painting created by the artist hand. Painted on cotton canvas and hand stretched over a custom-built wood frame. It is finished on the back with hanging hook or wire. The 1 inched deep sides are finished in black paint to give a clean polished look.

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