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Sea Turtle

I wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of our environment so I decided to create a new series of paintings that will represent the animals that roam wild here in Savannah. The Sea Turtle is the First one of my new series. I wanted to paint the #seaturtle first because this gentle large animal has been around for 100 million years surviving the dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago and only visits us to lay eggs once a year. They have been recorded to cross entire oceans to nest and like the Salmon return to the same area to lay their eggs.

I have decided to paint the Sea Turtle and the entire series of the Savannah Wildlife in the style that I was influenced by the beautiful stained glass art in the Savannah area churches and by the great Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.

I have not decided how many pieces this series will have but will be a the least eight.

I will post often on my blog about this series and post pictures of the progress. I hope you enjoy and please send me feedback if you wish.

So with my first piece I start my new series. Presenting to you.... Sea Glass.


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