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Lisa Rosenmeier at Art Studio

The one thing I love most about art it that it has no boundaries. Everything is an option. You get to share dreams, emotions, ideas and observations. That’s why I create clever art for the human soul.

Luxemburg art prize 2022.jpg

Peak a Boo

acrylic on canvas

size 23 x 35 inches

1 inch gallery wrapped sides

All hand painted with a brush

NO stencil to make the lace

The sky is darkening. You rush out side to take down the fresh laundry. When you turn around to get your grandma’s lace table cloth there is a little bird, peek a boo  I see you.

The symbolism in this piece broken down:

The Dark Sky – problems coming your                                       way.

The Lace Table Cloth – remembering the                                     past or fond memories.

The Bird – a reminder to take the time to                         play. Even if things get hard.


Peek a Boo
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