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The Past Can Reveal Your Destiny

I drug out a box from the back of the closet today. You know the one that you have all your special keepsakes and old photos. The one you almost never look at, but don't want to get rid of and so you hang onto it. Burying it some place out of the way. Since I'm moving in three months and will be heading to Greece, everything is being gone through. Deciding if it is to be sold, thrown out, or if it makes the trip. Well, today was the day that I opened that forgotten box. Oh, the memories that came out of that box. My son's first teddy bear, my graduation certificate from high school, the first time I won an award for my artwork and so many photographs.

These are the less embarrassing photos of me in my budding art years. I particularly like the one of me in a box. Dr. Seuss comes to mind. Wonder what he would write about an artist in a box.

I never thought of myself as an artist. For me artist were always those people in the movies that where exotic, extremely wealth or poor and took drugs to be interesting. I was always just the odd ball who loved to draw or explore creatively never seeing limitations.

It was a fellow artist that posted recently on Facebook that she always knew she wanted to be an artist, and she is. A very good one too. I never knew I want to be an artist. It chose me and these are the photos that proved it to myself.

So, if you're wondering what your soul is longing for or what you are meant to be. I suggest that to pull out your own hidden box and discover what you find out about yourself.

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1 Comment

Lisa Zimmerman
Lisa Zimmerman
Jul 28, 2023

Your art is the thing I've never forgotten from our school days. I'm in awe that you kept with it. And a bit envious! All the best for your life in Greece!

~Lisa (Woods) Zimmerman

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