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Finally Time to Recover and Draw

After several days of cleaning and doing repairs it was time for a break. My husband and I took an over night trip to Delphi. We very much need a recharge both in body and spirit. So packed and overnight bag and headed off to see what we would find. A two hour drive later we arrived with time to check out the ruins of The Temple of Apollo.

We just about over loaded our phones with images of the beautiful ancient ruins. Made sure to spend some time with the local cats and by the time the school buses unloaded for class field trip, we were on our way to the hotel.

The drive to the hotel was short and sweet. After dropping off our bags we were ready for a late lunch. The locals did not disappoint us at all with our first meal at Vakhos. I had cabbage leave dolmathes with a lemon sauce.

My husband choose the artichoke with potatoes and peas in a lemon sauce. We pared it with an ancient white wine recipe called Petsina. Can you say YUM!!!!!

After our bellies were full we decided to explore the village. Since it was not tourist season we that the place to ourselves. It was very relaxing experience and just what we needed. As the sun decided to set the night air became cooler but this did not stop us from walking around in the crisp night air.

We did stop in a café, having coffee and desert while sitting under the heat lamps to warm ourselves up inside and out.

The next morning we woke to a beautiful view from our balcony and deiced that this is where we would have our breakfast and decided how we would spend our last few hours before we head home.

My husband wanted to take time to use his nice camera and I said, "That's perfect! I want to settle into a place and draw." We both agreed that The Sanctuary of Athen Pronaia was the perfect place.

When we arrived I found my spot and my husband took off freely to explore knowing that I was content drawing.

A few hours he showed back to were he left me and I was just finishing up. Perfect timing. It felt so good to draw something after a long hiatus.

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