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Moving to Athens, Greece

This year on March 31st I closed the door to my studio / gallery in Savannah, GA's City Market forever. I didn't close down because of the any struggles that we all went through the last few years. Instead I closed down at the height of my success. I know crazy. It wasn't an easy decision but after talking with my husband we decided that it was time to make the move to Greece.

So why Greece? Well first my husband is Greek and was born in Athens (that's where we are moving). We have been many times over the years and have noticed that we like the life style. Even with it being a busy city full of life there was still a calmer easier way about Athens that we both liked. We use to talk about one day how we would move there and that day has arrived. But it is not as easy as just packing up your suitcase for a holiday trip or to visit family. That's why I shut down my studio at the end of March and put the my painting side of my life on hold (for now).

To start we have been selling off all of our furniture. Why so dramatic? Simple, we already have a home in Athens that has furniture and we just don't need the extra pieces. Now don't miss understand that doesn't mean that we are not taking anything with us. I have my unsold paintings for one thing and all my notebooks of sketches for future paintings. Then there are family items and special keep sakes, for example: Christmas ornaments that the kids made when they were small. Those are a must go items. There is not a whole lot that we are moving but we still have to get custom forms and find a way to ship those precocious items.

We will also be traveling with our beloved Bella. She's a 16 year old Maltese.

The paperwork alone will make your head spin when traveling with a dog overseas. Don't worry, Bella WILL be flighting in the cabin with us. She is part of the family but she will make this trip interesting for it is the first time either of us have flown with an animal. Until the next post because Bella needs to go outside.

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