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Preparing to head to Athens, Greece

In 5 days I fly out to my soon to be new home in Athens, Greece. So, the next couple of days will be full of cleaning, packing and making sure I have all my paperwork to apply for a green card. Yes, Americans have to get a green card / visa to stay long term in another country. Today I have been prepping canvases with gesso to give me something to paint on while I search for raw canvas. I already have a wonderful art store in Athens to purchase my paints, gesso, and brushes. No needed to pack those items and will be purchasing them within the week of arrival. These canvases will be study paintings while I get my home and studio set up. More on those adventures later.

The last batch of handmade cheese stands being made for Spock the Mouse art work. His website will be shutting down soon but you can still purchase items at the Jepson Museum Gift shop in Savannah, Georgia.

Don't worry I'm not killing Spock off. I just need time to restructure how I'm going to present him to the world. I do have a couple of things in mind. If you love Spock let me know what hopes you have for his future?

A little Spock figurine that I made to keep

me company in my new studio.

Time to get back to preparing for the next chapter of my life.

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