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The Swamp Rabbit

This is my fourth piece of the Savannah Wildlife series. I have named it "Enchantment" and I think is very appropriate for the Charm and the Magic the rabbit presents us with.

I can almost never drive to my home early in the evening riding on the Islands Expressway without seeing at least one of those furry cute creatures. Swamp Rabbits are everywhere. Sadly this cute animal is on the top of the food list of pray animals. Perhaps this is why Mother Nature has gifted the Rabbit with epic fertility.

Is the main hero of many tales from all over the World. Is celebrated in many Cultures as Clever, Unpredictable and a Trickster. In Asia the rabbit is the symbol of longevity. In ancient Egypt it was celebrated as "feminine power" and in Germanic tribes as the the fertility Goddess (Eostre) which later was morphed into the Easter bunny in our Culture. Some Native American tribes referred to the rabbit as the Fear Caller, one projecting its fear of those wishing to eat it, and thereby attracting the predators it fears while others consider the great hare, Manabozho, a trickster God.

Rabbits represent the freshness of Spring and the promise of wonderful things to come.

So I present to you, "Enchantment" the rabbit ...

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