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With the emphasis on feelings, sentiment, conceptions, and personality rather than actuality Lisa Rosenmeier is much like those from the Symbolism movement from the late 19th-century of French and Belgian origin. Rosenmeier created a unique painting style that has come to be known as “Realistration,” a fusion of Realism painting techniques and Illustration. Her paintings are in personal collections around the world, and with thousands of followers online, Rosenmeier inspires others with this new painting style.

original paintings

Moving Sale

  What a deal I have for you. I'm moving to Athens, Greece. To say thank you to all my North American Fans and to keep form having to move many of my paintings overseas, I have decided to do a first time ever sale on most of my original work.
   25% off original price (most of my originals). This offer will only last until May 31st. Then everything returns to it's regular price.


Most Paintings

limited time offer

Nah I'm Good
The Gilded Cage
Carriage Ride
Aging Beauties
Communicating with Tigers
8 oz
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