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   Is about distraction and not paying attention to what we really need to be focusing on.


   The symbolism in this piece broken down:

The Giraffe – well that’s the person being distracted. I made sure to give this       

                         giraffe an expression that shows he’s not quite impressed with

                         the birds.

The Birds – They are the distraction. Not all distractions are pleasurable, some are

                      boring and some are just nonsense. I chose to use birds because they

                      can fly above the clouds.

The Clouds – Come from the saying, Having your head in the clouds. Which means

                       that you are not paying attention to the things around you.

The Lion – The real issue that needs to be addressed. I choose to use a lion

                     because they are a legitimate concern to giraffes. The smile on the

                     lion’s face is to show that some people are pleased when we are

                     distracted from what they are doing, and it makes things much easier

                     for them to do the intend harm that will soon come your way.


  • acrylic on canvas

    17 x 30 inches

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