I’m on a simple sidewalk nestled next to the road with a row of small houses to my left. The cars passing by don’t even cause me to notice them as they hurry down the road. There are always cars on this stretch of road. I have arrived at a place where the sidewalk crosses over a small creek. Noticeable when you’re on foot but goes completely without notice when you’re in a car.

   The sun is now rising and I’m at this unassuming creek to greet the days new arrival. However, I’m not alone in this moment of simple beauty. An egret was starting his day too. As the cars passed by us, we took notice of each other. Like two strangers passing with a polite, “How do you do?”  He flew off and I continued my way. We both had somewhere we needed to be.


This is just one moment in my Savannah life. – Lisa Rosenmeier


  • median - paper

    size - 8.5 x 11 inches

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