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The negative emotions that we carry around keep us from being our happiest and showing our true talents.

      The symbolism in this piece broken down:

The Bag – represents all the emotions that weigh us down. Anger, Envy, Jealously,
                   Fear, Greed, Sorrow and many others.

The Bird – Bluebird are often used as a symbol of happiness and joy.

The snow – shows how if we hang onto our emotional baggage, we are left in a
                     cold and miserable existence.

Emotional Baggage

    • This is a Limited Edition signed print.
    • numbered (sold in numerical order only) titled and signed by the artist
    • this print is available in two sizes
    • packaged in a clear cello bag with a stiff backing board
    • printed on Premium resin coated microporous paper
    • luster finish, low gloss
    • fade resistant inks
    • ready to frame
    • The number on the print you receive might not match the number shown in the image