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   Is about inter struggle between our logical and ethereal side battling with our more animalistic nature.


   The symbolism in this piece broken down:

The Boat – is the person.

The Tiger – is our more animalistic side, often controlled by instincts.

The Angel – The apart that all people strive to achieve through education
                       and uniting in social commonality. 


  The tiger and the angel have their back toward each other because they are in a disagreement on how to behave. Reflecting the internal struggle that people sometimes go through.

Communicating with Tigers

    • This is a Limited Edition signed print.
    • numbered (sold in numerical order only) titled and signed by the artist
    • this print is available in two sizes
    • packaged in a clear cello bag with a stiff backing board
    • printed on Premium resin coated microporous paper
    • luster finish, low gloss
    • fade resistant inks
    • ready to frame
    • The number on the print you receive might not match the number shown in the image
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