Who, Who, Who……What? I think to myself as I follow the sound which leads me to my front door. Who, Who Who….” No, it can’t be?”

   I open the door and barely an arm’s length ways sit an owl calling out into the last of the night. Who, Who, Who he asks again, looking to see if anyone is still up. I hold my breath not wanting to scare him off and to savor in this moment of his majestic beauty.

   All to shortly his eyes meet mine and he realizes who has answered his call was me. Not being to his liking, he turned his gaze from mine a flew into the lingering night.

   Off in the distance as the night started to give way to dawn. I could hear Who, Who, Who once again calling out.


This is just one moment in my Savannah life. – Lisa Rosenmeier

Call of the Night

  • median - paper

    size - 8.5 x 11 inches

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