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    This piece is about how we as humans make chooses. I believe we make most of our chooses by using our heart. The more we care for someone or thing, will make a difference in how much discomfort we will tolerate.


      The symbolism in this piece broken down:

The Heart – is the scale by which we judge.

                       The heart is blue because of the say being true blue, which means          

                        that that you are loyal and dependable.

The Deer – represents the person who is making the chose.

                     I use a deer because they have been used in cultural stories as a judge

                     of the forest.

The Birds – the thing or person/s that the decision is being made about.

                      I chose to use the birds because they can be unequally dispersed on

                      the deer’s antlers, causing the deer to have to adjust and balance.

                      Not only himself but the birds as well or he could just shake the birds

                      off. Not all the choose we have to make in life are equal.             

Balancing Act

SKU: 13-1008
  • median - paper

    sizes - 8.5 x 11 inches
               - 11 x 14 inches

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