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A Southern Fox "is born"

This is my third painting of my newest series of the Savannah Wildlife. I have not exactly decided if the series will be called that yet, ideas are churning in my head but nothing definite as of yet.

Anyway, back to my latest piece. I love foxes, these quick thinking and highly adaptable creatures have captured our imagination for Centuries. The "tricksters" as some think of foxes are also of extreme cleverness and very cunning. They are adorable, very playful, agile, skilled and unpredictable. They are masters of deception. When hunted, the fox will cross through creeks, run in circles and double back on its tracks to confuse the hounds. It has the amazing ability to outwit not only its predators but its prey as well. We can all learn from a fox how to escape from an unpleasant situation. When we learn to disengage from our surroundings and to use all our senses to be mindful, we will be able to anticipate and create our future.

If we can learn from the fox we will have more persistence, gentleness, swiftness, wisdom and observational skills. I have tried to bring to life all of these qualities in that amazing creature with my brush on canvas. So here I present to you my fox...."Looking Glass"


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