a sampling of works still in progress
Something to Say series
2015 to current

  In this series of painting I reflect human foibles and strengths via the animal form. By removing the human form it removes any pre bios that anyone will have regarded to gender, ethnicity, or age, leaving it open to express what it is to be human. 

Glass series
2019 to current

  In this series of painting I decided to play more with light and reflective surfaces. However, regardless of their aesthetic beauty I still meaning to these work even if some are more light hearted and fun.

Flowers series
2020 to current

  In this series of painting I have used flowers to represent women. Inspired by how women are said to be as delicate as a flower. I know it to be just the opposite.
   Original this series was started to be exhibited in honor of the 100th anniversary of the women suffrage movement in 2020. Many of the piece where put on hold due to covid but are slowly being produce as time allows. Later plan to create a book with all the finished works.